Who Do You Belong To?

Back in the day,

I raised my right hand and swore allegiance to my country. I also promised to fulfill my responsibilities as an officer in the U.S. Air Force.

When the golden bars—defining me as a Second Lieutenant—were pinned on my blue uniform, I relinquished my rights as a private citizen.

I belonged to Uncle Sam.

My job, where I lived, and what I wore to work was out of my hands. Even the length of my hair was regulated. It couldn’t fall below the bottom of my collar.

At a moment’s notice, I could be uprooted from my family and sent overseas. After all,  “If the military wanted you to have a family, they’d have issued you one.

I knew this when I raised my hand as a single woman. No one forced me to join the military.

Just like no one forced me to profess my faith in Christ and be baptized.

I served in the Air Force for ten years before I resigned my commission to become a stay-at-home mom.

But nothing can separate me from Christ. I am not my own. 

According to the Bible, I’ve been bought by the blood of Christ, adopted into God’s family; sealed by the Holy Spirit.


Sadly, HOW I LIVE as a soldier of Christ will reflect who I belong to; the depth of my allegiance. Am I willing to… 

  • Surrender my rights
    Accept His will
    Obey at all costs

In his book, My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers said,

Jesus stresses what we ought to do, but He never forces us to do it. That’s why our Lord used the word “If” whenever He spoke about discipleship.

“If you love Me, keep My commandments.” (John 14:15)
“If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself…” (Luke 9:23)

Sobering words.

Especially If I claim to love Christ, but live “My Way” like Frank Sinatra’s song.

But, what if I didn’t do it my way?

What if I chose to consider and obey the “If” statements of Christ rather than worry about the “what if’s” in life that may or may not happen?

What if I vowed to…

  • Acknowledge Christ as Lord of my life.
    Bow to His supremacy.
    Behave like a bondservant and ambassador of Christ.

What if I followed Jesus…

Not because it’s my Christian duty, but with a heart filled with love for Him who died for me?

Can you imagine an army of Christ that truly belonged to Him?

2 Timothy 2:3

Why Words Matter

Love my morning coffee.


Yesterday, however, I grimaced after the first sip. Too much Half n Half.

The flavor overpowered the coffee. So I brewed more coffee. Poured it into my mug to dilute the Half n Half. Didn’t help.

At the end of the day, a mug of cold coffee sat on the patio table where I’d left it.

That evening, I noticed there were two similar cartons in my refrigerator. Turns out I’d poured Whipping Cream instead of Half n Half into my coffee.

Words matter.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used or bought something without reading the words on the label. Ever tried Unsalted Pretzels? I still have them if you’re interested.

Lately, people need Google Translation to figure out what I’m saying:

Me: “Hey, I’m going to Home Depot for groceries.”
Friend: “You mean Holiday Market?”
Me: “Didn’t I say that?”

I don’t mind poking fun at myself, but,

Words Matter. They’re more than letters and phonetic sounds.

Just look up “word” in a Bible concordance.

  • “A harsh word stirs up anger.”
  • “How delightful is a timely word.”
  • “Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth.
  • “Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you.”

Add mouth or tongue to the word search; you’ll have a field day.

I wonder how many words are in the English language?

file000278512533As a child, whenever someone bullied me, I’d respond, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”

This rhyme worked about as well as rubbing my rabbit’s foot for good luck. But I’m no longer a child; my skin is thicker.

I’ve spoken, heard, written, and read more words than I can count. Good. Bad. Some words I can’t spell or define, but I know that….

Words have the power to ignite wars, civil strife, family feuds. And crush individuals.

Words also have the ability to challenge, inspire, and heal.

We get to choose our words.


Years ago, my friend’s husband was brutally murdered by three male strangers. They broke into her home—intent on stealing—and were surprised by her husband’s presence. I won’t say more.

Justice was served. Those men were condemned and sent to prison. However, it didn’t alleviate my friend’s heartache.

So she prayed and sought the Lord for counsel.

Eventually, she wrote each of those condemned men a letter in which she shared the Gospel of Christ. 

She included the words: “I forgive you for murdering my husband.”

One of the men wrote back. He said he’d been praying for a sign to know he’d been forgiven.

Her words were like a balm to that man’s soul. His words made my friend weep for joy.

How is it possible for a grief-stricken widow to rise above her sorrow and share the Gospel with condemned men? How was she able to forgive?

By God’s grace, and a willingness to obey God’s Word.

“Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!” (Luke 11:28.)

Christ’ Words, not mine.

And His Word matters. Even in this…especially in this …volatile world.

When Rebels and Rules Clash

The Confederate flag is disappearing…

From National Park gift shops, state buildings, and license plates.

And because I descend from Southern blood, I feel the rebel rising in me. Don’t touch that flag. Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do.


Lately, I’ve seen more confederate flags waving in California. Whether these flag owners have Southern roots or empathize—I do not know. But, 

A rebel lives within each of us. Does “forbidden fruit” ring a bell?

Raised in a military family, I grew up with rules and regulations. Then I temporarily joined the Air Force and “Yes Sir” became part of my vocabulary even when rules didn’t make sense.

No rebellion in this heart. Rules is what I do!

So imagine my frustration when I first read the Bible.

All I saw was the LAW: things I’m supposed to do; NOT do.


The Book of Leviticus alone had so many rules, my head spun. What if I break a rule and don’t even know it?

As a youth, I didn’t have much Biblical knowledge, but I knew the Golden Rule. Jesus called it the second greatest commandment.

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Talk about an impossible rule.

In longing for God’s favor, I became like the rich, young man who asked Jesus, “What must I DO to get into heaven?”

Reading the New Testament didn’t make life easier. For Jesus took the rules up a notch. Not only are we to avoid certain actions like adultery we’re not even suppose to think about it.

My formula for eternal salvation and a well-lived life disintegrated.

By God’s grace, I discovered His grace. 

He knew I couldn’t keep the rules.

Once I acknowedged what’s “impossible for man is possible with God,” I was in a position to receive His grace.

And allow God to do what I could never do: Redeem my soul.


Since then, I still study the Bible and meditate on His precepts. Only now, I understand that I can’t even begin to live God’s way. 

Thankfully, Jesus is more than my teacher. He’s my Savior.

When the rules overwhelm me and I fail the rules, I remember God’s Spirit changes me from the inside out. He’s molding me  into His image one day at a time.

On those inevitable days:

  • When the rebel within me wants to have my own way.
  • When I start waving my flag—whatever that looks like—particularly in someone else’s face.

The Holy Spirit directs my attention, not to a Biblical rule or a civic law, but to my unchecked motives which tend to be self-seeking.

Then If I’m listening, and willing to obey, the One who redeemed my soul does more of the impossible. He suppresses my inward rebellion.

And enables me to surrender whatever stands in the way of peace.

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