Three Things Helped My Quiet Time

I wake up with a mental to-do list, but the first thing I always need to do is be still.

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This means having my quiet time…reading my Bible and praying. This might sound boring to some folks. Or, like a chore to others. And I agree that doing something every day can be cumbersome even when I know it’s beneficial. However, stick with me here and I’ll show you how I turned my quiet time—or morning devotions—into something I treasure.

First, I change my attitude. Instead of saying, “I have to read my Bible” or “I should pray,” I remind myself that “I get to meet with God.

Meeting with God is a privilege. Christ paid for that privilege with His own blood. Our time with Him isn’t some “thing” that must be accomplished so I can check it off my laundry list and get on with my day. Or feel good about myself because I made God a priority. God loves us and invites us to meet with Him so we can speak with Him. Cry. Confess. Implore. Rejoice. Listen.

Which brings me to my second point. Notice I said, speak with God. I used to pray nonstop as though I were dictating a letter. Meet my needs. Fix that person. Change my circumstances. Remove that thorn. Resolve that dilemma . . . Can I hear an amen?

I’m learning to cultivate silence to get the most from our meeting time. I ask God to…

Open my eyes and speak to me through His Word.
Open my ears so I can hear His voice.
Show me how to apply what He’s teaching me.

Then, I close my mouth and meditate on a Bible verse or a short passage of scripture. My calendar might be full. My life might feel like it’s on fire. However, when I make the time to be still and listen, I’m able to hear God’s voice more clearly. And doesn’t everyone need/want direction and peace in life?

Thirdly, I ask God to increase my desire for Him instead of striving to be self-disciplined.

Discipline trains me to behave a certain way. The word is often associated with a task I dread doing, but need to do for my own good. Like exercising and eating right, or maybe, having morning devotions.

Desire is a strong longing for something to happen, or wanting someone. When I desire God, I’m eager to read my Bible and pray because I know God will meet me there, speak to me, and satisfy my heart’s desire.

How do you keep morning devotions fresh and something you desire to do?

Author: Karen Foster

I'd like to say I've changed, but after decades of living, I still have the same four passions. My relationship with Jesus, spending time with family, attending live theater, and writing devotions & first-person stories about a loving, faithful God who reveals Himself in our every day circumstances.

4 thoughts on “Three Things Helped My Quiet Time”

  1. (The difference between our two religions comes down to a difference in notation. The practices and feelings are identical. To show how easy it is to translate from the language of your devotion to mine, I will continue this comment in a notation neutral fashion.)

    Thank you so much for this inspirational message. I sometimes forget how much I need to {pray} and {commune with} {God} everyday to maintain my sanity. It is only when I fail to {pray} and establish that profound connection to {Him} that life seems cruel and overwhelming.

    I think, however, that desire for anything is the root of dissatisfaction. I {pray} to quell all my desire. I don’t “desire” {God}. {Communicating with} {God} is a NEED and helps eliminate desire.



    1. Your comment about language is duly noted. People often translate prayer to commune. However, the bigger issue is the Object of our worship. I disagree that all roads lead to ….. And I don’t think we should trust feelings over truth. 🙂


  2. My devotions don’t always take place in the morning…and sometimes not at all! But the beauty in the Father is that I can be in constant communication with Him all day long. It is amazing how when we seek him every hour of our day He speaks if we will listen. I do love starting my day in this manner, but quit beating myself up when I could not always do it. Thanks for sharing a beautiful blog post. He so desires intimacy with us!


    1. Great point about “not beating ourselves up” if we don’t have morning devotions. And you’re right about our ability to meet with the Lord throughout the day. Thankfully, God isn’t subject to “time limits.” And we don’t have to pencil Him into our day like a dental appointment. My main point, is praying for the desire to meet with God so it doesn’t feel like duty…regardless of the time of day.

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